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Return to the Banditnest - Vet
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16.12.2013 - 18:56
Mod_Dennis offline

Welt: Goldenau
Erstellte Karten: 14
Kommentare: 467
Zathyra Thanks for your feedback.
I also want to have a General 320. wink
Yoeri please rework.

Friendly greetings Mod_Dennis
Germany Zitat

16.12.2013 - 17:55
Zathyra offline

Welt: Morgentau
Erstellte Karten: 0
Kommentare: 3
While the map is in general usefull, your numbers are not right.
You have to bring 185Cav, or the very first attack won't work.
The note in orange, that the max losses would be 104 Recs, are obviously wrong, as you already list in the yellow box.
And block 2 (attack 4/5) is pretty close with the timing, I tried it twice and failed both times, but someone with more skills in blocks could propably fix that.

Oh and I guess those who only speak english will be irritated about the crossbows being shortened to A and not X, like the other english maps do it.

Oh and about the last attack.. which general can hold 320 units? there must be a typo somewhere.
Germany Zitat

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